Something Old is New

Directly inspired by Atari 2600 titles such as River Raid and Spy Hunter; River Rescue follows a rescue boat task with saving civilians after a large hurricane has flooded the surrounding land. Watch out though, the river is also home to debris and rubble displaced by the terrible storm!


River Rescue plays much like your typical space shooter....but without the shooting! Move left and right to dodge incoming buildings and debris, but be sure to collect the civilians!


Use the arrow keys to move up, down, left and right to dodge debris and rescue civilians!


  • Standard Keyboard
  • Most Browsers with Unity Support
  • Most versions of Windows



River Rescue 2600 Windows 19 MB


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This game is surprisingly fun and nails the art style but has a few glitches:

* Some sprites are blurry for example road

* The looping map is a good idea but a little jarring because you see this flash as it transitions, make sure that the top lines up with the bottom so that you don't see a flash when you reach the edge and loop back around, it just looks the same

There's also some things you could add to improve the game's fun by a lot!

* Maybe add increasing difficulty as you get a higher score - the boat could go faster the higher your score (like a game similar to this I made a while ago, this could add a lot more challenge and make the game more interesting)

* The obstacles/civilians fall in a predetermined pattern, 3 obstacles then 3 civilians, it would be cool if you instead of directly having a loop where it goes through 3 obstacles then 3 civilians, randomly generate each time between having a civilian and having an obstacle. For example you could have a pattern where an object falls every 0.5 seconds, but instead of predetermining which type of object it is you could use a random number generator where there is a 50% chance of the object being an obstacle and a 50% chance of it being a civilian.

* Maybe add a locally saved highscore table so you can compete with your highscore and maybe your friends' highscores. This could just use the builtin features (here's a good tutorial from Brackeys

) and save a file containing the highscore to the players' hard drive.

Hey man, thanks for the feedback. I had began fixing some of the issues with the background (blurriness, looping) but ran out of time due to the submission deadline. I've definitely learned some things that I'll apply to my next project.

Awesome! I'm excited to see what you make next!

I love running people over in my boat